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Uncaged Boy Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jamaican Crusader, Jamaica Jul 9, 2004
Health   Poetry


I lived with a paternal aunt who abused me. It made me stronger!

Between the world and hard place stands,
I boy who understands,
The way a wry and wicked aunt,
Deceived that she was good.

Each day she'd call me ugly,
Described my face as odd,
And bashed me with a slipper,
Convinced me i was bad.

One day she tried to hurt me,
I swear she almost did,
But skilfully I ran away,
Into the bush I hid.

Now she is so behind me,
Out of my worthy thoughts,
She's but a pinpoint size to me,
An element worth nought.

My new life is so good now,
With love on every side,
The cage I used to call a home,
Is now to be my pride.



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Jamaican Crusader

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Rickeisha | Nov 1st, 2010
Hey... I read this and felt really bad for two reasons: 1: i know for a fact that she hit hard but if that was abuse then i'm sorry she 'abused' u...I am sorry that she worked her fingers to the bone, selling in the market whether sick or not, trying to hustle some money to provide food, clothing and shelter for us. I am sorry she ensured that we never went to bed hungry even when they had to because they had to ensure we had enough for school as well. I am sorry that she wanted a better future for us so badly that she didnt bother to resend herself to school instead she deprived herself and sent us. If that's the case then i guess she abused us all and all the kids in our community were victims of abuse 2 from their parents, but i for one am very grateful that she was an 'abuser' because it kept me and my siblings from participating in so many of the horrible things that our 'friends' wanted us to do and now when i see the behaviour of kids in society these days I just have to give thanks that she was so hard on us. I do believe that she thought she was doing the right thing and frankly at times i'm glad she did. 2: I think if you dont get past this then your new life wont be as 'good' as it can be. If you carry hatred in ur heart it can do nothing but blacken ur spirit and corrupt ur being, but then again i also think that perhaps if you do forgive her then you wont have anyone to blame for the things that you might have faced in ur life so far and that might be a problem because ur scared that ur conscience might come alive. dont blame her...she did not make ur choices, you did and so you and only u have to live with them...whether u still believe in God or not, u do have a conscience and that my friend is what you ought to listen to, remember that sin as much as a mustard seed or a pinpoint cant enter in.

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