by Karim Al Nadoury
Published on: Jul 7, 2004
Type: Poetry

Thankful that I have my friends around me cherishing every moment of happiness and sadness in my life,
Thankful that I wake up in the morning healthy and able to have my day with a smile on my face,
Thankful that I can hear the singing of the birds and can see the sun in the morning and the moon in the night,
Thankful that I feel the cool wind on my face in every time I look at the sky,
Thankful for every moment of sadness I have had and that I learn from it very wisely,
Thankful for my beloved people who just waiting me to let them help me during my journey in life,
Thankful for my mistakes cause if I had not done them, I wouldn’t have any experiences of life,
Thank you God for everything you have given to my home, my country, my family, my friends, myself and my faith in you.

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