by prernac
Published on: Jul 4, 2004
Type: Poetry

This road we walk,
This path we take.
The times we see,
The bonds we make.
Ever so often form and shape
The soul’s upbringing,
And enlarge the gape
Between soul and being,
Brain and mind,
Heart and all.
But change brings persistence,
New needs and wants
And as change occurs,
New personas are formed
And those form bonds
At different times in life.
In different situations,
At a new place and time.
In a new moment
Fresh like November rime.
They bring happiness, joy
However short the while
Life itself seems too abrupt,
Resembling a sea storm’s bile.
The thrill of a moment,
Like love at first sight
Each emotion and feeling,
So hard to fight.
On we keep walking,
The road – the path chosen
On we keep seeing,
Discrete times by the dozen.
And on we keep forming,
Bonds that can be broken
Physical, but not mental,
Emotional, but not spiritual.
And even after our time.
On they keep growing,
Always strengthening.
Yet never completely dying.

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