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You vs. Model Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Manoja Kathiravelu, Canada May 24, 2002
Health   Opinions


When you look through a magazine, you see string bean thin models, and you wish you could look like them. I'm not telling you what to do, I just have one question: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Almost 80 - 90 percent of models have an eating disorder. Also, 6 - 10 percent die from that eating disorder.

You probably think that it can't happen to you, but trust me, it can. That's what the models said before, but look at them, they have an eating disorder and they're trying to recover from it. It is so hard to recover, and while it may look easy, it's hard. Especially if you are trying to become anorexic. Trust me, I have tried to become anorexic.

I stopped eating, and I have been putting myself through so much pain that i can't stand it. You will have major headaches that make you throw up, and they won't go away unless you start eating properly again. Even if you have people making fun of you, don't listen to them, be able to eat. If you think that you need to lose weight, do some fun exercises such as dancing classes. Don't hate yourself, just love life the way it is.



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Manoja Kathiravelu

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My comments - Shannon
Shannon | Jun 16th, 2002
The article about You vs. Model is an excellent point of view. I'm agreeing with the subject in this article. I think that the author of this article is expressing a common problem in our community especially among young adults. I think 100% of them only being looks like that for money. It is their courier. Models should NOT be considered to be an icon among citizen. Our community

Victoria Tung | Aug 15th, 2002
I have just read what the article and the reader's comments. I cannot disagree to your view points - but I cannot however, agree with them. Let's all face it. We say, "Looks aren't everything". However, we still say, "First impressions are the most important thing". The two counter oppose one another. I strongly believe that, "First Impressions," are EXTREMELY important. I admit I am anorexic. By the way - did I mention I'm a size 2? And the fact that I'm Chinese? People ARE judged on the way they look - competition is always around us - not only around the corner - but part of the lifestyle of us humans. It is only human to judge beauty and otherwise. It is our nature. Therefore, we must face it. We must face THE COLD HARD FACTS OF LIFE, like it or not. We must protrude our heads from being buried in the sand - THIS IS OUR SOCIETY - AND NOTHING'S GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY IT IS.

sarah | Jul 28th, 2003
people like vixxenxx-X are the ones keeping society from changing. i would have to say though, that if eveyone was happy with themselves, it would make the world a very very boring place indeed.

I used to be anorexic/bulimic
Lauren | Nov 17th, 2003
I used to have these problems and yes I used to model so If I wanted to I could verify this but I dont think it to be true. I think so many models are anorexic because they believe to be a real model you have to be or they use this as an excuse to be anorexic. Honestly I miss the feeling of having control and being thin. I often sit in my room and cry looking at old pics wishing I was that weight again. THE WORLD IS HARSH BUT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!! Im called fat all the time. By the way I'm 5'8 a female and I weigh 145 lbs.

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