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I Was, I Am, I Am Going to Be Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by jeremy chaila, Australia Jun 23, 2004
Child & Youth Rights , Human Rights   Poetry


To start with I was, some cells, some fluids some water and flesh
I was fragile and safe warm and innocent, one or two hairs to form my mesh
I had food and shelter all I could ever need; I knew no fear or worry indeed
I had a heart so tender and free from pain or sorrow, as far as I remember all I had to do was follow
I became aware of an urgency, to move me from my safety
The world around was caving in, something was stirring up hate in me
I became afraid found myself in pain, found myself trying to scream, my efforts were in vain
I am here to tell the tale, so indeed I was born, but oh, how I miss the place from which I was torn!
I am flesh and bone, mind and spirit, human as human can be
But why then since the time I came into this world, did I feel there was something wrong with me?
The anger I feel now, I never had before, my brain is always worried and there is guilt in my soul
I realise I’m a sinner, tainted by birth, my "natural" life is in fact unnatural, so now I roam the earth
I am so close now, I know what's missing from my heart, and I know that someone died for me so I could be free
I am so glad I’ve found a hope; from baby to child I’m growing so fast, there is a light in my tunnel, now I can see
I will be rescued and go to a place, more lovely than the first by far
I will be free of pain and anger, I will live forever, though I’m just a little flame, someday I will be a star.



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jeremy chaila

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