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To Protect and Serve Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by toyo, Nigeria Jun 22, 2004
Human Rights   Opinions


It is true that if we do not learn from history, we may have to re-live it, but if we do not change the future, we may have to endure it and that’s worse.

I believe the Police Force of every nation has its flaws. Even the so-called 1st world countries can’t boast of having a perfect Police system. So I believe we have no more right to condemn our own police force as much as we should praise them. My question is why do they constantly use their sirens to harass people? It’s like that is the only form of excitement these “morons with attitude” get. They go about brandishing their guns, blaring those horrible sirens and ordering people out of the way. They are forever oppressing innocent citizens, moving around like the country is under siege. I guess creating unnecessary chaos and panic seems to be their forte. It wouldn’t even be so bad if they weren’t such cowards. Just think back to the faithful Jan. 27 day of the explosions. They were among the first to shed their uniforms and flee, looking like dogs caught with their tails in between their legs. Cowardice at its peak!

My main concern is the lackadaisical and flimsy manner in which they waive and swing the guns. Am sure we all remember a couple of years back when a stray bullet at Ilupeju hit an innocent girl. Until now there is no definite explanation but all we know is that a former deputy of Lagos State was passing at that time. Of course the poor excuses for guards were present amongst the convoy and knowing how trigger happy they are and coupled with their dim wittedness, well you can draw up your own conclusions. It leaves enough pieces for the imaginative mind plus we know that people around this part of the world don’t carry weapons and the girl didn’t surely commit suicide. What is sad about all this is the fact that these acts are performed whilst a political figure or some non entity without portfolio is being conveyed. You claim to be democratically elected, but yet due to your perfidy, anomy and innate selfishness you quietly seat in the car and watch, as we are somewhat dehumanized and shed of our rights as road users. To think that we voted you people there and that it is the tax from our hard earned money that pays you to listen and try to mitigate the problems surrounding the penurious state of the nation.

Just yesterday morning on Third - Mainland Bridge, at the peak of the rush hour with commuters and workers all heading to their various destinations, yours truly appeared. As usual they were making unnecessary noise with about four billion vans in number, driving like they were carrying WMD which they probably wouldn’t know if they tripped over it. Amazingly we claim to be in the democratic era, but what we have is what the great FELA sang about years back; “Demonstration of Craze”. A friend of mine was in a cyber café chatting with his girlfriend around 8.30 – 9 in the evening when all of a sudden policemen came in and bundled everyone into the Danfo bus they brought, alleging they must be carrying out some fraudulent ventures. My friend’s plea and explanations fell on deaf ears and his I.D, turn and flung aside for they were smelling of alcohol and inevitably a bit high. When we have such an illiterate police force that can hardly spell the word computer talk less of having the faintest idea of what goes on in a cyber café. Alright we know there are cases of internet fraud but the real crime of robbery and killing is going on out there so the least of their problems should be arresting customers at a café net. Of course the end result was money.

All the time we hear such statements from government, I.G of police that policemen should remove all road blocks; civilians should stop having policemen as personal guards and much more. Do they ever enforce it? Do they ever think of solving the real problem of revamping the force so as to change their perspective and paradigm so that they know they are to actually protect and serve? Do they ever think of actually paying the police their salaries, giving them incentives? It cannot be so because the government themselves are they real cause. They lead by example and it is that example these people follow. The saddest part is that we the people are leaving in constant fear of the police. We have learnt from stories and history of how people are extorted for money, how people are shot mistakenly and how people are jailed incorrectly. Now that we have learnt from history we are still enduring the present. Only God knows what the future holds for us!



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