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How Do Children Suffer in Nepal due to the so-called Maoist Insurgency? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Alok Shrestha, May 14, 2002
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights , Education  


The Maoist insurgency which commenced six years ago in Nepal had created many problems in this poor country. The insurgency is making the situation in the country more miserable day by day. The prerequisites of development are being destroyed by the Maoist. Developing work and progress the country is making is being stopped gradually. All the people in the country are suffering from this insurgency. Here I am attempting to address only the problems the children suffer. Other problems will be mentioned in the other articles.

Children are the future star of the country and the whole of human society. Yet, they are suffering greatly by the Maoist insurgency here in Nepal. The future of the future star is being moved towards darkness. The schools which had been established by the government for providing education to poor children is being destroyed. The schools are being changed into shelters for the Maoist fighters. The teachers are being killed daily in front of the tender and impressionable children. From this you can easily guess how adversely the chidren are being affected mentally. The students are deprived of their rights to study in a free and peaceful environment.

Another problem, the most serious of all, is that the Maoist are using the children in their so-called Peoples' War. Where there should be a pen in the hand of a child, there is a gun. The child who should be in the warm lap of a mother, is in the hot environment of blood and war. It's a great problem ,which is being increased rapidly in this poor country. Many children have become orphans due to the "war", many children have become handicapped due to the bombs and bullets of Maoist, as well as the security forces. Many children have lost their homes and are homeless.
Thus, children are being greatly affected by this so-called Peoples' War, which is in this country which is known by the world as the birth place of ambassador of peace "Lord Gautam Buddha".

At last I would like to ask for suggestions from the reader of this article about how youth can contribute and help to solve these kinds of problem to make the world paradise for the children. Thank you.



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Adam Fletcher | May 16th, 2002
Alok, there is no justice in your country. Nepal has suffered extensively in the hands of globalization and capitalism, as has much of Southeast Asia. The recent Maoist insurgency is a response to this. Alok, I have never travelled to your country, and I am not an expert on war, society, or activism. However, I believe that through YOUR action, young people throughout Nepal can be organized into an army of peace. Nonviolence is NOT the opposite of violence- it is the cure. YOU are in a position of power and influence, simply because you had access to the computer that allowed you to post this article. USE THAT POWER, and use it for justice. Justice to a child is peace. Justice to a child is freedom. Justice to a child is hope. Find your role models, and emulate them. Aung San Suu Kyi is a tremendous example of the power of peaceful resistance. Read about her work here. In the meantime, organize, activate, and incite peaceful resistance BY the young people in your village, in your region, and throughout your country who are affected by these troubles. Best of wishes to you in your work Alok.

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