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Drug Abuse: The Deteriorating Scenario Among Youth Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Antony Felix O. Simbowo, Kenya Jun 1, 2004
Child & Youth Rights , Health , Human Rights , Substance Abuse   Experiences


The current trend of substance abuse among youth and especially school age children is troubling. Many fingers have been pointed at the youth themselves while at the same time ignoring the very people who abet the youth’s drug habits, and wantonly purvey rot among the youth. These are generally cohorts of the middle aged and adults, including parents, in whose care the young generation lives are presumably placed.

The height of societal breakdown and decadence comes when the older generation fails to live up to their responsibility and duty of guiding the younger generation. For example, it is not surprising to witness these so-called adults and parents appallingly and unashamedly fondle each other in many early programmes prowling our television screens, to the detriment of young people’s mentality. It is then surprising to hear the very same people and their ilk often asking where the current festering decadence among the youth came from.

In Kenya, many upcoming musicians would rather pour out their presumed tales of perversion, sexual orgies, drugs and alcohol abuse at their audiences rather than songs which can help better the youth folk’s and human life for now and the future. Indeed, many would rather spend the meagre cash they accrue from singing on perpetuating alcohol and drug abuse and engrafting sexual orgies, escapades, romps and perversion than use it for their personal development. Then you ask why many Africans continue to remain poor, suffer and die from HIV/AIDS!

Drug peddlers and barons are increasingly targeting the youth, a symbol of freshness and revolution, who they seek to sacrifice at the altar of money and mental derangement. Self- seeking and clamouring for the minds and souls of the young people, these drug peddlers have no regard for the consequences of their bloodied actions. Many youths have committed suicide in the malicious tents of pathological drug abuse and mortal misinformation, not being able to distinguish the concords of life from the discords.

Hearing a mother’s tearful testimony of the death of her only son, apparently a casualty of addiction like many other similar tales, one would ask whether there really is any human feeling left among drug peddlers and the advocates of drug abuse. Currently, drugs ranging from alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, heroin to hashish and many others are readily available to young children and the youth in Kenya more or so among the university and college going lot. Weekends usher in festive moods among the students and one would see many of them inebriated, bloodshot eyed and yet others visibly drunk, either sleeping in their rooms, staggering into campuses or lying on lawns in a hectic and pathetic aura of drugs. These are often punctuated with days and nights of irresponsible sexual orgies throwing them to the eerie dungeons of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.

Many are the deaths from road accidents and HIV/AIDS infections that are directly adduced to drug abuse and addiction. These portend a great economic problem to the majority of the third world where development aspirations are generally pegged on manpower and expertise, which is currently wanted in these countries.

It is pitiful that drug peddlers lead the youth into temptations through the advertised byways of the wilderness of ‘glamour’ where the youth are deluded until their minds acquire a mis-educated appetite for more drugs and strong drink thereby becoming loathsome sots, poor and sometimes ending up in caskets.

Manufacturers of drugs have unwittingly brought in the mortal mind, of a higher attenuation than the drugs, which governs their sales. One would thus hear of adverts such as, “as clear as your conscience”, “strength after a hard day’s work”, “smooth all the way”, "clean coke" and many other deceptive platitudes imposed and ‘nobly’ bestowed on alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs to the detriment of the misinformed youth.

Our youth are dying morally, socially, psychologically and physically from drug abuse and addiction as the drug barons and peddlers bask in the dark glory of plagued monetary gains amid the incessant catastrophe. Many are now asking whether the relevant authorities are doing enough, with revelations that law enforcement agents are being bribed by drug barons so as to allow them to perpetuate their illicit trade. The duty of parents in looking after their youth has also come into serious focus here. Before anything else, parental care is the most important control and preventive measure against drug abuse and addiction. Are they, the parents, really doing enough to guide and be with their children at all times? Who is going to come up with legislation, which effectively outlaws drugs? Are our youth going to be left at the mercy of drug dealers?

*Article was republished for the November 2010 Addiction Issue



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Writer Profile
Antony Felix O. Simbowo

TakingITGlobal has never been more apt than it is now in providing a forum for expression. This is because the dynamic world has undeveloped challenges that pose a great problem to the growth and daily life of any youth in the global society. What with the incessant wars, poverty, HIV/AIDS, pornography, racism and several other vices creeping into the society in a culture best objectified as vicious gradualism.
Here is where writing comes in handy and the TakingITGlobal literati, glitterati and pundits alike have provided a vital conduit through which these vices, positive and negative dynamism can be expressed.
I am saddened for example, when a promising youth is reduced to a hopeless parasite by drugs. More saddening is when I see the mercilessness, the hopelessness, the dereliction, the lack of love that many children, youth and people are subjected to due to wars, poverty, pornography and such as other negativities which silently and slowly kill the spirit and will within humans! Having gone through such experiences myself, I pray that God gives me the massive ability to be able to help these people to the best of my ability with His guidance, provision and protection. I have often wondered whether the expression "do unto others what you would have them do unto you" is being subjected to relativity. These are the problems which need highlighting and what better forum is there than TakingITGlobal.
I am privileged to be part of this ideologically vimmed and gustoed community.

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anupama | Sep 17th, 2011
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Teen Drug Abuse Crisis
Drug Addiction | Jul 13th, 2010
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