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A Day With Junvenile Prisoners Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Rana Bilal Ahmad, Pakistan May 10, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


In celebration of International Youth Week,The Alliance for Human Rights and local artists in Pakistan organized an outreach event in their community. The participants arranged to visit children incarcerated in prisons in their local communities because of the offenses committed by their parents. Below is an account of what occurred.

As scheduled for March 8th, 2002 the members of Youth Alliance For Human Rights and local artists went to a camp jail to spend the day with the innocent children who are paying for their parent’s offenses. Before the day of the event, we informed the jail administration about the event and requested that we be allowed to organize this event in the main ward of the jail. We are really thankful to the jail administration for their cooperation.

Almost 80-100 children (aged 3 to 17) were gathered there. I can't explain their cheerfulness and jubilation! As this event was especially designed in celebration of International Youth week, we firstly introduced them to the objectives behind celebrating youth week globally. We also prepared a leaflet in our local language, with the logo of youth week on it.

Secondly, we engaged three artists: one vocalist, one keyboard player, and one comedian to perform. The comedian was dressed as a clown to entertain the children. The vocalist and the keyboard player played various musical tracks and sang many songs and rhymes. They tried their best to give them a moral lesson through their music. The clown mingled with the children and performed many funny tricks. I am sure in saying that he was the focal person in the whole event.

The children were very delighted with all the activities. Most of them were seeing all this for the first time in their life! Their faces were blooming with joy and happiness. In the afternoon we all lunched together. The team left the jail before 1700PST, as enforced by prison regulations.



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Rana Bilal Ahmad

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Aditi Utpat | Jun 9th, 2002
Hey!! That was a wonderful thing to do. Surely, these kida will remember you for many many years to come. It is indeed sad that at such a tender age, they should be serving sentences in the prison for being born to a particular person. It was a wonderful endeavour on your part to enliven their lives for a bit. CONGRATULATIONS!! Aditi Utpat 16 yrs India aditi_crazygal@yahoo.com

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