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A Strange Breeze Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Helen, Canada May 30, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Short Stories


It all began when someone left the window open in the bathroom. A bizarre breeze blew in from the window, silently and swiftly. The curtains swayed for a second as it blew into the bathroom, but stopped abruptly, as if there was no wind at all. The curious breeze went from the bathroom, through the kitchen and into the living room, like a predator hunting a prey – quiet, quick, and ready to attack. It was looking for something. Then the breeze stopped suddenly at the second-floor bedroom door. The door was closed, but the breeze had its ways. It squeezed through the cracks like a mouse into a mouse hole; it was like it belonged.

Mark shivered as the odd breeze flew into his room. It was as if it shook the loud rock music that was ringing in his ears. Mark got up to close his window, when he realized… his window wasn’t open! That was impossible, there was only one window in Mark’s room, and the breeze couldn’t have come through the crack of the door. It couldn’t, could it? Now the music was banging in his ears, begging to come out. Mark finally turned off the music that had annoyed his mother from the first day he listened to it, which was the first day of his hatred towards his life. Mark had wished for a long time to escape from his life and live in someone else’s body.

Mark didn’t believe that he was hallucinating, so what could it be? He went to every room in the house; the only window that was open was the one in the downstairs bathroom. It was impossible for a breeze to climb stairs all the way up to his room, or was it? Mark wasn’t a total believer in superstitions, ghosts, magic, and that kind of stuff, but neither was he a total non-believer. What could that mysterious breeze have been, which came into his room? Or was it a breeze at all?

Mark went back to his bed; soon, he drifted off to sleep. Mark felt a headache as he woke up; it felt like something in his head was trying to escape. The pain went away quickly, so Mark went to school like any other day, only this wasn’t just any other day.

In the boring algebra class, Mark started doodling on his worksheet. Suddenly, a shock of pain hit him, like a lighting bolt striking his head. The pain went away soon, but Mark wouldn’t forget about that for a long time.

At lunch, Mark went to buy lunch, and it felt like he had no control over his body. It seemed like his body was controlling him! The rest of the day felt like a daze for Mark.

As many weeks passed, Mark had less and less control over his body. First he couldn’t command his body to react fast. Then, he couldn’t move his body around freely. Afterwards, he couldn’t even speak properly. Soon, Mark couldn’t think without interruptions as if there was call waiting in his brain and someone else was trying to contact him, or even control him.

Then, a voice that Mark didn’t recognize spoke inside his head. It thundered inside his head, but at the same time, it was quiet and Mark had to strain in order to hear.
“Be careful what you wish for, Mark.” The voice whispered piercingly.

Surprised that the voice knew his name, Mark jumped, only to realize that his body didn’t move. He hopped, danced, ran, and kicked, but his body didn’t respond.

Mark was almost gone from his body. He couldn’t move it or make it talk. There was this other robot Mark controlling it and taking over his life. Mark’s soul was separating from his body!

Now, Mark is a simple breeze in the air trying to find a body to settle in. You might have met him in a park, or maybe in a school. You might have thought that it was just a breeze in the air, but maybe not. It might have been the lost soul of Mark, or the soul of another, who wished carelessly.

Be careful what you wish for, because you never know who is listening or what the breeze would bring. “The answer is blowing in the wind.”



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Muhammad Awais Aftab | Jun 11th, 2004
A little strange story.

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