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Vampires in Africa Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by DLM, Nigeria May 28, 2004
Human Rights , Environment   Poetry


Africa in the hands of vampires
sucking the blood of Africa
like a terribly hungry baby.
sucking the precious blood
of the young and the old.
casting a cloud of anguish
upon our innocent values
Vampires like the state crown
The president-AIDS
The governor-Malaria
The ministers-Hunger, violence, devastation and destruction
Leaving the old not having hope in the young
They have confidence not in their offsprings
for a befitting burial
They believe not in the future of Africa
Africa seem to see no light after the "tunnel journey"
even if at all,
it's a candlelight that burns then waxes cold
Africa deserves not this agelong massacre.
Oh vampires!Vampires!my head nods unconciously
Vampires!our colonial masters were one
Vampires!diseases can't be overemphasized
Vampires!scruffled environment, corruption
Vampires!genocide, war, suffering, poverty, negligence
Vampires!callous dictators like one i know somewhere in the west

But for how long will Africa struggle
for survival in the drowning waters?
sinking unknowingly smoothly like a suffocated bride
in the hands of her bridegroom for the first time

The bell sounds furiously, dangerously and seriously
calling the sun, the moon and the stars to order
Africa has to be free from the vampires and the drowning waters

Then will Africa be our Africa!



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Writer Profile

Messan Lanre is a passionate change agent who believes a great deal in motivating the human mind to change societal misnorms. He writes poems and songs and has many unpublished works. He hopes to work with young people in Africa in the following areas: magazine publishing, conceptual and developmental programmes, and radio presentation. He is Nigerian, and an aspiring HR person, PR person, radio presenter, speaker, entrepreneur and musician. He is a dynamic young leader to be with.
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