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Jungle Justice for Pot Belly Men in Africa Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Simon, Nigeria May 28, 2004
Culture , Human Rights   Poetry


in Africa especially my country Nigeria
men with pot bellies have been made synonymous with wealth
wealth that has been gotten through their ill ways
they do not mind how it came or whose life is lost
in the process
now we set up for this race
its not a long race
but it's a race to the finish line
and the end determines the winners
do you see yourself fit?
pot bellies are not the ticket to heaven
certainly not
but the sacrifice is the ticket to heaven
blind men will make it fast
blind men like you and me not like that and those
but wise men will make it slow
cos they have refused to listen, listen to the call for alliance
this is how it will be for them to make heaven
cos it's a jungle with justice
because they have clothed
themselves with corruption
together we will make it
except those who keep to their pot bellies
taking them to the toilet instead of heaven



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Writer Profile

Simon Ezu is a social commentator, advocate for world peace, climate change and social reforms to make the world a better place.


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