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HIV/AIDS: The Scourge on Women in Nigeria Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Juicykidd2008, Nigeria May 25, 2004
Health   Opinions


When the late reggae icon Bob Marley said "No woman, No cry” he sure knew exactly what he was talking about. Tearful emotions are associated with women, and this is explicable. In our society today, women are at the mercy of their male counterparts, from unending domestic chores at home, the agony of child labour and even the torture and battering from men. Our women are enormously and wrongfully considered the weaker sex, and have cause to go to sleep with faint hope of a better tomorrow.

But quite interestingly, womanhood is yet symbolic to life. Without them there is no life, because it is through them that the creator creates life, nurtures it and fine-tunes it. And now the menace of HIV/AIDS on women is an unfortunate addition to the copious societal problems women are being ravaged by. Women must deal with discrimination and humiliation, molestation at home and in the office, denial of freedom and qualitative education, important social responsibilities, and finally, women are reduced to a mere object for sexual gratification.

The final problem is pivotal to the HIV/AIDS issue. The woman seen as a sex symbol and sex object, no matter her status, is accorded little regard. It pleases men to see nude pictures of seductive women in magazines, in the club, in the red-light district, even in his office.

According to the National HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Survey in 2003 (Nigeria), results showed certain dangerous dimensions among adolescent women and other young adults in respect of the AIDS problem.

1. Young women were more likely to have more than one non-marital partner (11.5, 12%)
2. Young women were more likely to have more than one sexual partner (3.4, 4.6%)
3. Young women less than 20 years of age were less likely to use condom in sexual intercourse with non-marital partners (2.3%). Again results showed that a great number of women do not like the use of condoms for sexual intercourse, because to some it shows a sign of distrust and humiliation from their male friends. Others feel it is not pleasant. Statistics show that 13.3% of women never used condoms and a mere 8.1%are currently using condoms! This is perhaps borne out of the fact that only 46% think that condoms can stop this disease, while a few still don’t even believe that this disease exists.

Well this terrible disease exists according to irrefutable proofs, and therefore certain measures have been suggested by experts on how to prevent this menace. They are:

• ABC: Abstinence, Be faithful, Condom use.
• Avoiding pre-marital sex and multiple sex partners.
• Ensuring proper screening of blood for transfusion.
• Attendance of antenatal clinic by pregnant women regularly.

To all youth leaders, we must build a good environment for the world. Let's keep ourselves alive for the great joy of tomorrow.



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Writer Profile

My real name is Raymond Oluwafemi Idienumah, i was born on the 4th of March 1986 in a small town Okpe,Akoko-Edo, Edo state, Nigeria. I am also a full native of the town where i was born, my family consists of me, my 2 step brothers,and a step sister,and am the first child in my family.
My education background is fortunately very bright and solid, am currently an undergraduate student of computer Engineering at the university of Benin, Edo state Nigeria.

response to a truly insightful article
Alanisiettea Cundall (je suis tres confu | Jan 7th, 2005
An extremely important and eye-opening set of points and hopeful to hear them given by a man also - too often it is only people of the victim group who cry out against injustice or prejudice. Changes in attitudes can really happen when people of different background, gender or race stand up for their fellow humans and work side by side with them. For example, if whites work for aboriginal rights or elimination of prejudices of colour, working with them. Likewise if men and women work together in the cause of the advancement of women then progress can be made. Often prejudices and perceptions are subtle or just accepted by society, in the US and Canada the equality of women has been given in the legal systems but not often in the hearts, the crudely materialistic media's projection of women here is terrible also and deeply influences children and young people, girls and boys. Men and boys need to be actively involved in advancing true equality of gender everywhere, especially through the school systems the arts and media. "The world of humanity has two wings - one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly."

Thus is good
Henry Ekwuruke | Jan 13th, 2005
i appreciate ur work.Take care. Henry

an inspiring and informative article
joyce | Mar 3rd, 2005
i really appreciate your work. kudos to you and thanks a lot for relating the issues of HIV and women in a very insightful article. its really a great and educative one . urs in service joyce

Thanks alot guys
Raymond Oluwafemi Idienumah | Apr 28th, 2005
am happy that u all felt my point and encouraged me,i hope to continue to do my best both in writting and actions to promote all race and sex equally,both in health and rights.

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