by Arrey Emmanuel Enow
Published on: Jul 12, 2012
Type: Opinions

What can youth do to contribute to innovation in the world?

I think of those days when we used bush lamps, when palm oil was used as fuel. Today turning the light on just requires a touch on the switch, a remote control in your office lights up the house miles away. This is evidence of new technology. Although youths participated very little in the beginning of technological innovations, , today they are more involved in its innovation and use. For youth to contribute to technological innovation, they have to first accept these innovations, and by so doing, develop a sense of curiosity. Only then can youth start contributing to sustainable technological innovations.
Innovation can take place in a short time while some take decades, for example inventing a mobile phone took a longer time than creating a smartphone.
Youths should study the changing world, look at the present and do positive innovations that will serve the future.

What are the impacts of technology on youth's lives?

Before, traveling 300 km took days but now, the same journey will take just a few hours. That I can say is technology. It has made an impact in the lives of everyone from the young to the old. The impact of technology in the lives of youths is clear. The invention of computers and the internet; youths can type mails, do distance studies, work from a distance, create new friends, volunteer and help others with just a click.

Are the impacts positive or negative?

Technology has good impacts but not without some negative repercussions. The positive impacts however overshadow the negative ones. To what extent can we talk of positive impacts from the world being in distance to a global village. Technology had led to the building of sky scrapers, airplanes, computers, trains, drugs, which go along way in facilitating human life.
Nevertheless, the use of technology to manufacture weapons of mass destruction is a negative impact. These weapons have increased the level of conflicts in the world; destroyed millions of human lives and property.

How can we use technology to address global issues?

A typical example of how we can use technology to address global issues is GYCA.
Today, thousand of petitions are signed by millions of people world wide in little or no time to world leaders for the improvement of human life.
Information is passed within seconds to the world, for example, when a new strand of HIV/AIDS is discovered, a conflict in any part of the world, information is passed quickly for rescue teams to arrive.

What could the world had been without technology?

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