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As We Are & Others Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Awosusi Oluwatope, Nigeria May 20, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


As We Are

As we are walking
We are talking
As we are eating
We are drinking


I want to live
And make a living
Live like a king
And feel free


Is the world going to an end?
Babies are claiming to be wise
In presence of their parents
They prove to be cunning
Babies! Babies! Babies!
Do you want to see the downfall of your parents?
Your parents are old hands
They have crossed many rivers
They are teachers of timeless truth
They are ways out of wilderness
They are pool of wisdom
Babies listen, obey and learn
Little babies change
Change for the better


What it is that you what from us?
So that we can be free from your trouble
You always remind us that you will come
You show us signs
You show you’re mighty
You don't have pity
You are heartless
Young and old complain about you
They never say anything good about you
You have no respect for any man
You take without return
You have no friends
You reject the rich
You reject the poor
Just because of the price they will pay
You reject them
You deny all
You deny everybody

Wonderful Flower

I ask you for love
But you give me hatred
Oh wonderful flower
You surely know that I love you
Why do you hurt me?
Maybe you have not discovered me
Maybe I should give you time
For my love is real
Listen to me wonderful flower
Please, listen to my voice
Oh wonderful flower! My love
I will always love you



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Awosusi Oluwatope

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