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Technology Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ikram Ullah, India Jun 26, 2012
Technology   Poetry


Today I cogitate about the times past by,
thinking if I was born in the era gone by,
devoid of knowledge and wisdom,
And, no advertence of Science and Technology.
I wonder what life would have been?

No computers and no internet,
how would I share my thoughts,
Live around the world, still being at one place,
Life would have been still
Had there been no automation.

I cerebrate, my youth would have been dull
Had there been a technological lull,
And, Medicos would be handicapped,
so would have been all of us.
Hence, there would have been able-null



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Writer Profile
Ikram Ullah

I am a Geneticist from Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth. Writing is a part of my soul's interaction with the world around. I write because it makes me feel good, it is kind of a food to my soul. My write-ups are influenced by the Human Rights Violations in Kashmir at the behest of Indian Forces. I am inclined to some day give up the rest of chores to take up writing full time.
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