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Messiah Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by kv, India May 19, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


A messiah was born once upon the lands in the east,
And he preached of love and peace,
The people learned of hope and fear,
And bore from that day, an immortal faith in return for prosperity.
That passed through generations so long,
That none anymore knew when he came or how he left.

And one day, again unnoticed, the messiah came
To the barren deserts and the worn out lands,
To show them their way, unique and vague,
And the People prospered, and so trusted him
Beyond the day,
When none anymore knew when he came or how he left.

Soon the messiah filled the world,
With different ways and, laws to bring prosperity and peace,
Through crosses, idols, tombs and books.
And the epoch of savages came to an end.
The people learned to live with little trouble,
Through their evils with their ‘hope gods’.

Until one day, they finally met,
The cross, the tomb and the idols,
To crush the other which was, but its own other self.
Masses turned savage to save their humanity,
To preserve their way of love and peace,
Through blood and war,
Till they all lost,
Fighting relentlessly for the same cause,
Love and peace.



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can be better
Rohan Jacob | May 28th, 2004
The idea is not new... so it loses a bit of its colour.. languae is good.. though it can be better... and one more thing your photo is corny man...

Shahjahan Siraj | Jul 6th, 2004
He came but mistreated! But gave us authority to love and be loved, Mission of true love; To serve and to be owner! Need to be like Him! Let

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