by Arrey Emmanuel Enow
Published on: May 31, 2012
Type: Short Stories

A hero has the full character and self confidence for his/her self and will stand to defend it and are always sure to make it even if it takes time. A hero will have that patience and determination, that spirit of positivism and will also like to take adventures. Around the world there are several of them. It takes very little attention for you to recognize a hero around you. Recognizing a hero may also give add to the successes of a hero and encourages you to become a hero either by learning or by imitation. Some people are born hero, some learn to become heroes while situation and circumstances makes others to become heroes.

One hero is Ofir Drori a young man who had contributed a lot in the domain of wildlife law enforcement and corruption around the world. Starting with no finance and from having an office in cybers, he was able to institute the Last great Ape organization (LAGA) which is today well recognized world wide and had contributed to protect the world endangered species. With all the difficulties and the corrupt nature of Cameroon, he was able to create start the enforcement of a law that had been existing for decades without enforcing.

Ofir has no property the only property he has is a guitar and few dresses and on like other Directors and founders of NGO’s he has no car and stay in the office. And sacrifice his salary for more than 8 years to see the success of the organization.

Despite all the threats from wildlife traffickers, he does not panic. He has succeeded to curb down corruption in the judiciary where no one could expect and fight for justice.
Working with people he had created a dozen of activist who are today fighting with him in the domain of wildlife law enforcement and succeeded to create the first Anti-Corruption NGO in Cameroon that not looking at the eyes of a corrupt individual.

I call him a hero; he is an Israeli who is sacrificing for Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. He motivates others, not selfish, work for more than 18 hours a day but do not complain and had made trips to more than half the world for activism. The work he started from zero is now international, he still work as if it was the first day and had succeed in every thing he touches. He replicated the wildlife law in 5 other African countries even in Guinea that was considered by CITES as the worst country in the world in trade in protected species and the laws could not be enforced.

He won several international awards including shinning world compensation award, Future for nature award, Clarks and Baving award just to name a few.

One can be a hero in one domain or two. It is better to look for where you have the skills and engaged in so you can become a hero. The works of a hero will always be there and his name will always be there.
Heroes never die.

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