by Arrey Emmanuel Enow
Published on: Feb 22, 2012
Type: Opinions

Without education, to me, the world could have been empty. Education had come to fill in most of the gaps and brought lots of development to the world. No development can really come without education, and, the world must thank education for its development. Who is who without education? Learning starts when the child is in the womb and continues all life long. The young child learns how to seat, crawl, walk, eat, talk and create and at a certain level he/she has something to teach. Since the time immemorial, the world has been improving because of education. We've seen improvements that have brought convenience for us: from traveling to distances on foot for months or years to doing the same distances for hours. From wondering if the world is flat or round to space tourism; from hurts to skyscrapers; from drums to mobile phones. Education does not only have personal impacts but global impacts. When you learn something you contribute to the world at large consciously or unconsciously.
I have worked in the project for children education on HIV/AIDS in Cameroon and this project has brought great changes in my community. Today, children cannot play with syringes, use old blades individually, they can advice others, and, to my surprise, they teach their parents on certain aspects of HIV/AIDS. The rate of HIV/AIDS in the community has since been greatly reduced. But my concern is that most of the money sent to the developing countries for education does not reach the needy and the system of education has to be revised to meet up with the challenges of the globe.
Education has been the force of my progress in life. Learning has made me to work in diverse fields. From a psychologist to writer, financial management, to environmentalist to an activist. Personally I value education a lot. As earlier stated, it is the force behind my progress. Through education, I have been able to learn, create, and help others. I am able to write this article is thanks to education.

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