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Going Home Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Alligator, Egypt May 2, 2004
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Clouds and distances keep you far away
A strong tingle makes me feel you through my heart
I'm a butterfly waiting for the spring,
A bee looking for a flower,
A bird flying against the wind
Come along angel, fly away with me
Feel the breeze touching our faces
Me melting in your heart
Swim with me in our love song
Going ahead towards your blue-sky,
Sometimes it stays, sometimes it ends,
How much this will last; my mind is falling apart,
Your daylight is ever lasting, I'll never sleep
Let me touch your hair, your face and feel your lips
Hold my hand; help me cross this mad ocean
Hold my tears in your hands
Warm me up, save me from this conflict of my soul
Am going home, going to where I belong, to you



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Writer Profile

To me, writing poems is like when I need to scream and get everything out of me!
It's food for my soul!
It's like the crying of a child asking for his toy!
It's like the most beautiful view on earth!

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