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The Pharmaceutical Industries Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kassab, Canada Dec 9, 2011
Health   Opinions


You, citizens, should feel free to ask any questions to your doctors about the pills they prescribe to you because it is your body and your health. It is not because they are professionals that you should always trust them at a hundred percent. They are humans just like us and they do make mistakes. We all have great respect for medical professionals because they have the knowledge that we don’t have, and of course they are good in what they do, but still, we should not completely have faith in everything they prescribe to us. It is our responsibility to ask for objective information and we also have the right to ask for another medication if we don’t feel safe about a certain product.

Doctors who prescribe pills are not the ones who produced them. The information about the products they prescribe is given out by pharmaceutical firms. In fact, they may not be aware of the harmful side-effects of the products they give out. Doctors are controlled and affected by the pharmaceutical firms who only care about making money and being richer which means that they don’t care much about our health security. Yes, scientists, doctors and other professionals work for the pharmaceutical industry so that makes it more credible, but they are only confident about their discoveries according the current science. Yet, science is not perfect, but it improves with time and sometimes it takes years to find out that some theories were wrong or some products could cause some diseases.

You must know that every time you’re consuming pills/drugs you’re taking a risk and that is applied to the products sold with or without prescription. Do not take pills without any good reasons (when life is at stake); always try to ask yourself if you could find other alternatives. Try to reduce the amount of pills you take and stop increasing the pharmaceutical industry’s income! The pharmaceutical firms’ profits are spent at most in marketing not in research!

The government doesn’t finance medical school, firms do, but he should still find a way to control pharmaceutical industries also by making laws to reduce competition between companies so they could focus more on the research. Pharmaceutical companies do practically what they want and this business implies big ethic problems. Government should make mandatory laws. For example, every 5 years; all pharmaceutical companies have to review the tests and results or effects of their products.

for more information on project prescription go on :http://projects.tigweb.org/firms/about/



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