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children's problem due to maoism Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by alok shrestha, Nepal Apr 20, 2002
Peace & Conflict , Health   Opinions


Youth are the main source of man power for the development of nation in whole we can say civilization. Without youth no task can be performed completely. Involvement of youth is very vital for completing any work properly. Youth are the very active and energetic group of the society. They can involve in any work either it is homework or social work or nation building work. There is no such work which youth can't do. But due to many causes youth are being handicapped. They can't do the work though they want. Due to which the power of youth and knowledge is being drained or diversed or being misused. Terrorism is the main and burning example of the misuse of youth.

Now let us concern on the some reasons why they are being misused by terrorists, why they are following the path of of terrorism. Here are some points which in my view is the main reason for misuse of youth:

1. Unemployment: It is the main reason for the misuse of youth by terrorists. Youth as mentioned above are very active member of the society. They are so active, energetic and also vulnerable as bombs that can explode if not controlled or handled properly. Nowadays many are suffering from unemployment. They don't have any work to do. Due to which they always feel tensed. They have the tension about future and commonly about money earning and can do anything for money. So they are easily attracted by terrorist and are misused.

2. Frustration: Frustration is another cause which make youth to be attracted towards terrorism. In this modern competitive would many youths become frustrated due to many cause like tense home, inability to get in competition etc.due to which hatred towards society and people develop in him and a feeling of jealousy emerged in him and try to work against society and terrorism is only the field entering in which he can do these all things.

3. Intense love towards motherland: This point is only applicable for cross border terrorism. Recently the tension between Israel and Palestine gives strong support to this point.We all know that many suicide bombers are between 18 to 25 years old which comes under active youth group.They kill themselves and also kill others by bombing because they have got intense love towards their nation Palestine which has been captured by Israel. Thus, intense love towards motherland is also a cause of misuse of youth by terrorist.

As a conclusion, we should understand that if someone likes to control terrorism, then they should control all these reasons I mentioned here. Otherwise youths can't be saved from being terrorist. Trying to control terrorism by weapons is only foolishness.Weapons can control it for some time only. For the end of terrorism for ever, the point I mentioned above should be controlled.



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Writer Profile
alok shrestha

I am from Bhaktapur, Nepal currently pursuing my higher education at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in "Management Information System". My interests include technology and society especially about how technology can transform rural life.

Suvi | Oct 28th, 2002
These are some good reason behind the reason for children to be part of terroism. -sooome are already listed as i read above.

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