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America is Not Innocent Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Yvonne Shao, Australia Apr 19, 2002
Human Rights , Citizen Journalism   Opinions


Since 1945 the Americans has bombed China, Korea, Guyana, Indonesia, Cuba to Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Grenada, Libya, El-Salvador, Panama, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. How humanitarian can you get?

America's political history is full of crimes. For example, Hiroshima and
Negasaki where people were mass murdered by U.S. bombs, Iraq where the economic blockade has killed 1,200,000 people, El-Salvador where 180, 000 people were killed and Iran during the Ku against Mossadegh 70,000 were killed. In Indonesia 800,000 were killed during the Ku against Sukarno. This is the criminal record of American foreign policy.

The American people are not aware of the crimes committed by their politicians in the past 50 years, which have resulted in the death of millions.

The United States needs to acknowledge that other counties will only stop resenting them when they are free from the intolerable interference and domination.

I would also like to add that although America claims to be free, the media allows itself to be censored. There was a spontaneous gathering of 5000 Iranies who held a candlelight Vidal after September 11 which lasted for weeks to express human sympathy for the victims of the attacks. These people chanted “American condolences”. Yet these pictures where hardly seen in the U.S. nor this reaction reported. The Arabs feel Americans pain, isn’t it time America feels theirs? America fails to grasp the horrific human cost of their wars and the mess they create.



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Yvonne Shao

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I agree
Amber Rose Perry | Jul 24th, 2002
I agree with what you said. America likes to act we're so holy. But we're not! There have been crimes aganist every race you can think of. Have you heard of the black boy in LA who was beaten by the police? How innocent is that. Don't get me wrong, I live in America, but before we can be one nation, we're gonna have to take these issues head on.

I agree aswell
Penny Lyle | Aug 3rd, 2003
That is sooo true. How do we change it? Most (average?) Americans probably don't even realise what is happening because they believe everything (or some things) the media portrays. I saw the movie 'Bowling for Columbine', that was excellent - it showed 'the medias' attitude to news - if it isn't shocking, scary, or full of paranoia, it is not newsworthy. Oh, of course, celebrities who look pretty are newsworthy though... (sarcasm) What scares me is that Australian Television imports a lot of American stuff. I am sure if America (and other western countries) were given a fairer view and more of the truth from the media and politicians etc etc, they would be more informed, and so more inclined to do something to stop these atrocities.

Yes, but...
Todd Barry | Sep 22nd, 2003
I agree that America has had some serious and intolerable foreign agendas (and domestic for that matter). However, your synopsis is much too generalized. Many acts of foreign policy have been totally wrong, but the main problem with many foreign undertakings is that America does them the wrong way. Yes, we bombed North Korea...but why? Well, they did invade South Korea and brought war to the peninsula. Also, troops from many countries died in the Korean War, even Ethiopia. Yes, we bombed Vietnam and committed horrible atrocities there, but should the world have turned its back on South Vietnam once the Communists decided to start a war with South Vietnam? Iraq invaded Kuwait, even if we were in it for the oil, was it so wrong to stop Hussein's rule of Kuwait with an iron fist? The Taliban in Afghanistan were harboring much of the leadership of al-Qaida. Serbia under Milosevic was committing horrible acts of genocide. There's more peace in Yugoslavia now than there has been in decades. It's hard to justify destroying two towns with atomic bombs. But was it America that started WW2 and the rape of Asia? How many lives would have been lost if America hadn't ended the war then? The Soviet Union was set for war with Japan in a few days, which would have brough an even greater Cold War conflict afterwards. Hundreds of thousands in Japan would have been bombed by American planes trying to stop Japan's militarism. Hundreds of thousands of troops would have died on both sides in which would have been a long and bloody war. Japan would have fought to the last man defending the country. It was also Japan's decision to continue war despite the first atomic bomb we dropped; there wouldn't have been a second if Japan had surrendered. Also, it wasn't just America's sanctions on Iraq, it was the UN. America was certainly wrong in supporting the Shah of Iran and Suharto in Indonesia but American troops didn't kill those hundreds of thousands. Don't forget the rest of the western world, not just America, turned its back on East Timor. American media has serious problems right now with coverage, much of which stems from the Bush administration. Media companies that criticize the administration's actions don't get the coverage and inside information they want to report. Also, don't forget that America's most patriotic, biased, and conservative news channel, FOX news, is owned and run by an Australian.

Cheryl | Nov 6th, 2003
I deeply agree with you. America sure isn't innocent but because the media in America is so bias that they always show the unpleasant sides of other countries. They put out all of the U.S.'s deeds and not their sins. Sure America has helped many countries but they have also caused destruction in many other parts of the world. We in North America see the wicked things other countries placed upon the U.S. We only see that. We never see the Americans taking part in sinister plots on other weaker countries. The media delivers just what's best for their country. The media have indeed brainwashed us into a stereotypical group of people. Many of us are stereotype towards Afghanis. Should we be? Should we hate upon all Afghans for the actions from one group of terrorists originating from that country? The truth is, we are. The media has looked down Afghanistan and its people. The media has taught us to believe that all of Afghanistan is evil. Weren't we all raised to believe that everyone deserves a chance and not to judge a book by its covers? Yet we certainly aren't full filling what we believe because the media have put negative images of certain people into our minds. News broadcasters have also brainwashed us to be cold black-hearted human beings. The news programs are broadcasting to us just the events occurring in our area. They tell us all the earthquakes and explosions that are occurring in our territory. Sure, the events are destructive. However, everyday, if we actually do obtain a chance to see the natural events caused in other countries, we will be deeply surprised. Most of them are much more deadly. Since we are only limited to the local occurrences through the media, we think the slightest nudge in the Earth to North America is close to the end of the world! Other countries suffer the same events or worse and yet we don't really care. Why? Because we are limited to the information we need to understand. We, therefore; lend a helping hand to our country and not to those who are much more desperate in foreign lands. Sure, the media informs us the matters on the world but is the information all correct? We shouldn't judge the other parts of the world by what we see and hear on television. North Americans believe whatever they hear on T.V. If the media was actually truthful, maybe, just maybe.... the war in Iraq right now is not happening. Maybe, just maybe, the world would be a much cleaner, safer, place. Maybe, just maybe, the world could now be a peaceful world.

war on words
Caitlin McMillan | Dec 14th, 2003
If you take a good look at the anthem, 'Star Spangled Banner' it shows many an unkind word. When will people like Bush realize that bombing gets nowhere! Strategizing, using the human gift of tongues and technology. This is what separates the human wanabes from the humans. Just because we are homo-sapiens doesn't mean we are human. Take a look at the words 'human' and 'humane'. Very similar, huh? If these human wanabes class themselves, the REAL humans should call themselves 'humane', in place of the common, in humane 'human'.

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