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The Right and the Wrong Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by khalil, Iran Sep 15, 2011
Peace & Conflict   Opinions


The Right and the Wrong From the beginning of human life on the earth until today people have been in quarrel on "what is wrong versus what is right?"

Every side is talking about "I am right ".

What is the "philosophy of wrong and right"? These two are enemy brothers; one is against the other. I dub them Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong, both like to be "Right" but their versions of "Right" are different. This is all the fact that is making trouble for humanity, main roots of war and misery in today's world is hidden behind the" philosophy of right and wrong".

All of human science is full of "Rights" and "Wrongs". When taking a look at Theo science we necessarily face the fact that every theological sect believes that it is "Right". Others follow the path of Theo science; Politics, Economics, Sociology and other human science are all full of schools claiming they are "Right". But we as humans have to live with everything that better suits us without knowing what is really the "Right" and what is really "Wrong".

In a world full of contradictions distinguishing between "Right" and "Wrong" is the hardest task. Because people's interpretation of "Right" is very dependent on their interests and groups they belong, for instance while every Muslim see themselves as "Right" every Christian and other religion do so. In political, economical and sociological ideologies, the situation is same, as communists see themselves as "Right", capitalists believes they are. Even in every religion and ideology, subgroups exist that they have different interests, so that according to their interests "right" has variety of versions. Catholic version of "Right" might be different from that of Protestants. There are also sub ideologies for every political, economical and social ideology with opposite interests and "Right". As we have seen in history, communists in china were at odds with those of the Soviet Union and there could be found many other examples of interest conflict among sub ideologies of same ideologies. In this situation finding the real "Right" is like finding a microscopic thing in an ocean.

Where the "Right" is lost, war, bloodshed, cruelty ,corruption and all the evil qualities are dominant forces, everyone believe that it is "Right". From Hitler and Stalin to Osama bin laden and Bush all were involved in same job of killing innocent peoples but each one believe they had done the "Right". What actually does "Right" here stand for?

In Hitler's point of view "Right" was what he believed was pure race, so he killed millions to do the "Right" and realize his "Racial hygiene" policy. Stalin did the same job but with the name of socialism to maintain socialism as the "Right" governing system for USSR and the world. Bin laden killed thousands by his idea of pure Islamism and making of an empire under the flag of al-Qaida's version of "Right". Even Bush, who acts against al-Qaida to revenge September 11 attack, believe he has done the "Right" to attack Afghanistan and Iraq which resulted in killing of thousands of innocent Afghans and Iraqis. Who is "Right" and who is "Wrong"?

Everyone has their own reasons and reservations but it cannot be convincing that they really are "Right".
Everyone should refer themselves to conscience to find "Right" and "Wrong". But in this world that materialist causes are dominant forces, we use a mix of "Right" and "Wrong" and name whatever serves our interests as the "Right" and name whatever is against our interests as the "Wrong". This escaping from real "Right" is the main factor that is destroying our world and life of humanity by creating evil behavior and killing good.

Its treatment is only by taking the burden of individual responsibility on which everyone should see how he or she must consider other's "Right".



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