by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
Published on: Mar 29, 2011
Type: Poetry

Why is it like that?
It's when I want that
Like when I want to write
That I remember not.
Of billions of things in the world
I'm left void
I look around for inspiration
I even reconsider some temptations
The fans are blowing
My head is not cooling
I got other duties to do
But I love this do
I heard if you love it, it's easier
Why am I feeling lazier?
I want to put pen to paper
Not just pen to paper
I mean I want to respire
Possibly, inspire

You look at the sky
Can man really fly?
Be wise, be a child
Be thankful, not rude
We all must first crawl
That's when it's raw
Spitting it out like that
How it's closest to your heart
Your lifestyle!

Sir, nothing is coming
Or shouldn't be waiting
Just do it as it is
Isn't that why I'm writing this?

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