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Religion Mirrors Ourselves Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Simonette Brebenariu, Romania Mar 18, 2011


R-aising the races of our intuitions toward the goodness of one's divinity,
E-mpowers the words of God with sweetness and pureness of sincerity.
L-ight sways to men's souls, fragrance of blood digests the hardest bones-
I-n crust of the world, the solemness even surprised through these vibrating tones.
G-reat promises to a land of believers, others seemed calm, the rest--- unconvinced,
I-nviting moments weigh the lines on that tablet of Moses, whereas to be pleased!
O-utstanding words embrace the hearts of those who are weak and brave,
N-othing is wasted to grasp the dulcinea of wine and bread on true pave!

M-aking praises bridge the gap of men's sweetness, sourness nor bitterness,
I-nstrument of Our Saviour lifts the oblivious one and even heals his brokenness.
R-eaching the cross of life which enlightens the virtues of our existence,
R-emarking the possibilities of taking the pros and cons of prominence.
O-wning the verdict of consolidation, to build this church of adoration,
R-everence adds the powerful meaning of love in a genuine conviction;
S-anctity rules inside the house of God, with humility and benediction!

OURSELVES understand richness, sensibility, equality, love, values... ensign sanctification!

*Runner up in TIG poetry contest on religion, January 2011



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Simonette Brebenariu

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Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu | Apr 25th, 2011
This is really nice. Way to go...

The Art of live
Ebou | Apr 26th, 2011
Sometimes in life, situation do stop us from expressing our Inner feelings, because of certain cultural believes....but the Pain remains in the Heart of the Victims until the last second they live. and I believe this is a self suppression, depriving your self from the right to live freely and progressive.

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