by Leopold Makender
Published on: Feb 1, 2011
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The earth is losing millions of ton every minute.
Thank you for your attention earlier.

I have to tell you about my research, the result is terrifying as you could easily count out for yourself. The last 12 years I have studied our earth and how we destroy it day by day.
The scientists, all over the world, have never thought about this my conclusion. Sometime I wonder if there are some people somewhere hiding this truth for the whole world.

I have registered this in several places around the globe, this if some scientists would like to copy this and say they have found this out earlier by them self.
If you have further interest and seriously like to discuss this with me I´m open minded for this.

I have even sent the documents for registration to President Barak Obama.

Ok, here are my solutions for you as the first person in US after President Obama.

If you hang up a model of our earth in some sort of a weighing thing so that you could see how much your model is waging, and then could open the model, take away some weight and then you could see that the earth have lost weight, ok.
This is easy to do and easy to count out. Let me tell you that every cubic meter coal have the weight of 2.2 thousand kilo.
EVERY day, we are using all over the world 100-million ton coal. Count out how much this will be in only ONE YEAR.
Every day we are using at least 1-hundred million liter of oil. We don’t know exact because in many places in the world we are pumping up oil and no one knows how much.

And here is the result; our earth is losing weight every minute, every day and nobody have ever found out of this.
Ok, I am talking about our globe and it’s BALLAST.
The earth is losing MILLIONS OF TONS of its ballast, every hour around the clock.
The coal as well as the oil will be gas after that we have burned it and the globe will lose weight every second, minute and hour.

Please, handle this seriously and you will even have some documents of mine as well.

I like to stand up for the world and for people who really are interested in how to save the globe from more damage, we live near the catastrophe.
We have to speed up, yes.

Sweden 30 of January 2011

Energy Architect
Leopold Makender
Phone; +46-768-41 12 14
Copywright by Leopold Makender

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