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by Luke, Jan 31, 2011
Globalization , Education , Human Rights   Opinions


What's happening with our planet?

We are being run by politics.

What do groups of people, all with different views who sit in a room and squabble about what needs to happen, effectively do? We talk about change; we talk about the problems... Yet all I see are plasters being placed, and the wound is just becoming more infectious. What progress is expected to be made when we're not even observing the cause of the problem? Isn't it our government's job to help humanity GROW? The only improvement I am seeing throughout my life is advancement in technology, and it's not even being functionally applied to the benefit of our overall situation. Is technology what we have to show for thousands of years of human growth? What's happening to human potential? We're just being treated like herds of sheep wandering through a field; bombs are going off everywhere and we have government to tell us in what direction we are going in and why. During EVERY SINGLE election there are hundreds of promises made about what the leaders are going to do to change this situation; so where are they? Why are we continuously lied to...?

All I see are more laws being set; more limitations being placed on the potential of human beings; less power for individual change; new problems arising, more lies, more words... consequently; less action, less freedom, less growth...

Is our government's intention to liberate human beings and make powerful independent people who can think for themselves, properly educate us, make change in society and promote growth? Let's watch the news, become informed on useless 'information' and be distracted by the outcome of our problems, while the roots remain covered. What is the game? I can only observe that industry gains power while human individuals lose it. What kind of world is this if our advancement is for a machine and not OURSELVES? It's a joke...!

I'm 19 years old; I have about 60 years on life left on this planet. Am I expected to live my life worrying that I will never have this freedom? That we will always be finding new ways to plaster our problems and never really change, never really move FORWARD?

What is our government proposing?
For over 6,000,000,000,000 individuals only a few hundreds make the decision on what's happening and speak on EVERYONE ELSE'S behalf.

Hopefully one day we will realise it is US that should be making the choices...



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good criticism..
Pelin Gul | May 2nd, 2011
The world is ruled by the Western ideas of justice. "Developing countries should reach the standards of the US or Europe" is the mentality of all the Western ngos, but if the Western world would never step their feet on the East, this world would be more peaceful for sure...

keep it up!
David Tran | May 10th, 2011
Don't see it as 60 years to worry about not having freedom, see it as 60 years to help fight for it, for yourself and for others =] I read a quote not too long ago I think you might appreciate "Patience is perfected not when all difficult people are eliminated from the world but when anger is eliminated from our minds. Generosity is perfected not when all poverty is eliminated from the world but when all grasping at "I" and "mine" is eliminated from our hearts" - from "The Lost Art of Compassion" by Lorne Ladner I think many of the problems you speak of can be resolved when we reach the point where we can treat other people, strangers and even enemies, like the people within our own families. Everyone is just searching for their own sense of happiness, and in that regard, we are all the same.

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