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The illusion of Freedom Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Amy Megsin, United States Mar 22, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


You tell me I am free,
And I believe.
Free to the world and its people.
Free to have the rights
All people should have.
But in my mind's eye, I see.
I am captive.
My cage in my home,
My home is my love,
My love is my freedom.
What am I to believe,
When you lead me around
So skilfully?
I believe you, but in my heart,
I know you are wrong.
How am I to break free of this cage
When I am ignorant
Of being a captive?
I see beyond the cage.
I see the world I think I know,
The world I live in.
My home.
My world.
My freedom.
My life.
Your cage.



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Writer Profile
Amy Megsin

My name is Amanda. I am 20 year old Canadian, who tends to see things in a slightly different light than others. My poetry and writing bring out the side of myself which is normally tucked away, due to society's training. Without my writing, I would have no outlet, and therefore, would soon cease to be.

IQ | Mar 26th, 2004
Good luck. I enjoyed your poem. Just beautiful

You have a beautiful way and style of discribing what you feel.
Linda Adzanku | Apr 6th, 2004
Your poem made me realize a few things I had closed my eyes on. a good poem is like food for me. I savour as I read.

Amalia Miralrio | May 3rd, 2004
I wish you'd write more so I would have more to think about...and more to say...I think your writing is great and I'll definitely think about your words.

Murali Krishnan | May 20th, 2004
really nice, simple and though provoking.

What will i say, fine!
Akbur (Solil) | Nov 23rd, 2004
You made my mind free that's what i see in your poem. Wish fine writing next Solil

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