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Hope – Her Future Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Toki Pax-Harry, Nigeria Oct 8, 2010
Human Rights , Globalization   Poetry


Her face was well made up
She looked a success
She tried to carry herself
With dignity and confidence she strode
Yet there was something in her stride
Something in her gait
Something - No longer there

Her face was well made up
Her clothes were fancy
She tried to smile
But couldn’t make a success of it
Her eyes were empty and distant
Something had been taken away
Yes – but what?

A sad story indeed
The makeup could not cover
The clothes could not disguise
Years of neglect; millennia of abuse
They all came to take; and forcefully too
And while they plundered
She silently cried out

She is well dressed
She looks a success
But she has no future
Who will build her again?
Who will come to her rescue?
Who will give and not take away?

She is well dressed
She looks a success
There is something in her stride
There is something in her gait
There is something in her- Hope
Yes – Something!



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Toki Pax-Harry

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