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Shahrzad,a sad queen Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Yara Kassem, Egypt Mar 20, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


As soon as the
Sun was gone,
She started her trip,
Leaving away that annoying reality
She was there,
On time
and through the purple light,
She ran all the way
Leading to Shahryar's castle.

On his throne,
He was waiting,
It seemed like ages,
But as the night came,
Shahrzad was there
In his hands,
Smiling and announcing
The beginning of another
Holy night.

"What happened to the princess
With sad eyes?"
Asked Shahryar
"In that dark, dark place,
She was stuck.
She lost her crown, her name
And her identity.
She was thrown in that tough
Period of time
When she didn't know anybody"
Said Shahrzad
"She didn't lose her identity,
Since she was still suffering.
Her beautiful sad eyes
Are the strongest proof that
She didn't lose her identity.
She only needs to find her place,
Her time
And her king"
Said Shahryar

"Yes, your majesty
Her beautiful and sad eyes
Were suffering in a crowd
Of lifeless eyes..
Evil and dumb eyes
Were everywhere around her,
She ran and ran for ages...
And as she started to cry
By that lonely river,
She saw his eyes,
His wide brown eyes
They were wild as the wolf
Charming but sad
And she knew it was him.
But he's not real.
He’s a ghost and maybe a spirit
He’s somewhere else
In a faraway land.
She walked away
With a broken heart in her chest
And those wide brown eyes
Engraved in her heart.

And in the water of the crystal river
Where they were sitting
His majesty looked at himself in the water
And smiled as he had seen
His wide brown eyes next to him,
He starred at Shahrzad's beautiful sad eyes
And said:
"Say Goodbye to sadness, Shahrzad
Even if for the night
Your nights are mine Shahrzad,
So let me colour it..
Let me take you back to where
You belong"



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Writer Profile
Yara Kassem

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

Jack Lashbrook | Apr 1st, 2004
I love your poems Yara but mostly i admire your ability to write such long poems I always give up after 12 lines at most.lol

Shavkatjon | Apr 18th, 2004
Yara, It is everywhere that is always reminding of your wonders in life...right now, the arabian music playing in the background, sitting straight with my eyes fixed reading the poem of yours, trying to figure out the meaning of it and just diving deep in....thanks a lot for this...it is a sweet feeling of Hope and that beautifull flow of imagination you gave.... Aren't you Great Angel? keep high spirit.

Yara, Do You know how beautiful You are?
Gene Winston Owens, Sr. | Mar 4th, 2005
and special, too,. gene

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