by ksfeg
Published on: May 9, 2010
Type: Short Stories

Picture, "AIDS Awareness in a child's point of view," by Rajendra B Surlekar

Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, as good as sex, but both can also be your worst nightmare. Getting pregnant when you are not ready for it can almost ruin your life. Raising a kid requires a lot of money and the baby deserves a good life because, first, he didn’t choose his situation and, secondly, his childhood can have an influence on his future.

Statistics reveal that the pregnancy rate among young Quebecois doubled between 1974 and 2001. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections (STIs) like Gonorrhoea, Chancroid, Genital herpes, Trichomoniasis, AIDS, HPV and Syphillis, that you can catch by having a good time with your partner. You may think, “I don’t care because my partner doesn’t have any of these,” but how can you be sure? Today, with good medicine and health care, the person who has a sexually transmitted disease can live normally, have a job, and do anything else just like me and you.

After a study by the World Health Organization, it was discovered that, each year, a teenager of twenty contracted a (STI). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 19 million new STD infections occur every year and, what is more alarming, 50% of these people are young people between the ages of 15 and 24. The best way to stop these sexually transmitted diseases is sexl education.

I am concerned about this issue because I have never had sex education. I think it was one of the things missing in my adolescence and because of that I wanted to experience some things for myself. I wasn’t the only one. There were a lot of students like me: One of my friends got pregnant at 14. She didn’t know what to do and she had to drop out of school because of that. According to the American Social Health association, more than half of teenagers in the USA haven’t had sex education. But it stays one of the best solutions to unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

There are a lot of ways to prevent STDs and pregnancies. The first thing to do when you think you are ready to have sex is to make sure that you know your partner: Is he faithful, honest and “the one”? Other good ways to prevent STDs and pregnancies are to use condoms and birth control pills, to get vaccinated and to have one partner that you can trust. But the overall best solution is to abstain.

In order to help other young people, I created a blog because most of them are always surfing on the internet. I thought it would be a great way to reach them. In that blog, I posted some pictures of what they would look like if they had one of these diseases. I also talked about the importance of being ready to have sex and I posted some links where they could go check the statistics. There is a section devoted to STDs and pregnancy prevention and their importance. They can also share with me and other readers their own experiences and ask some questions. I will be pleased to answer these questions. In order for them to remember the goal of this blog, I have named it “Safe sex is Great sex”.


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