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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Barbaric plague Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr., Costa Rica Apr 30, 2010
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


Barbaric plague The inhumane rush of blood flows,
killing our own, loving their death.
Brothers and sisters of who we don't know,
watching them gasp as they take their last breath.

Our morals, our souls get tossed aside;
we do not care about tears.
All our feelings on override:
we are loving this rush that we know as fear.

Mortal combat, with no emotion;
screaming covers homes of love-
homes disarrayed in deep commotion,
screaming to their God above.

Power, greed, hate and fear:
thoughts of which only a madman would understand.
Our leaders seem to be unclear:
the meek will only die out-manned

Blood is taken, souls are lost.
This is murder, given by an order.
No respect to sacred cost,
all run in chaos and disorder.

And why...

Does the strength of these leaders produce such a stain?
Persecution becomes the opportunity to show their strength,
the strength of rabid dogs.
The souls of these are dead; the souls of the meek remain.
Death comes through the bitterness of the lies in their dialogue.

Death is all it gives.
Death is all it takes.
We are all it's victims
and we live amongst the snakes
that we chose to rule.
We're still seen as fools.

It's time to eradicate
what they do to annihilate,
in shedding life for their own reasons
when they let peace and love die by their treason.

Confusion will be the end result
if we're only Ruled by this deathly cult.
But we sit back and say its not our fault.
Yet we fear tomorrow we'll all be dying.



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Writer Profile
Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.

We are all within each other. When that is realized, our prejudice and communication interference will be that of telepathic communication. We will be one with each other and one with the world. These bodies are only temporary forms that keep us restricted from our own heavenly place.
It is only a temporary restriction, especially upon those who intend to use their "physical attributes" with just the selfish, social advancement of themselves.
If this world had started to gain acceptance and understanding of all problematic errors within, we may have been able to share these "advancements" with our brothers and sisters, who are NOW--not later--in danger, not from the immediate natural disasters, but of those that will not surrender the help they need to overcome their immediate handicaps.
The ones of unshared power with food, shelter, clothing, and then to add the militia.
The militia could have been justified, if its intentions were there for the less fortunate, not to take more from the unfortunate.
I live on my lifelong work of gathering a pension, which is paid back to me only due to many years of work. Others work hard, and see nothing. All I have to Always say is "Me casa, es Su casa!", Mucho Amore e "Pura Vida!"

R Kahendi | Jun 5th, 2010
It's great that you are such a prolific poet, Timothy. Don't stop writing!

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