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She was like an angel Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adham Khalil, Palestine Apr 16, 2010
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Short Stories


She was like an angel She was like an angel when I saw her dancing with a group of classmates in Alassria Cultural Center in Jabalia Refugee Camp. Then I didn’t see her for three years.

I asked my friend Abdallah Abuzaiter, the instructor, about her: “Isn’t she the girl from the Abulaish family who joined our summer camp in Alassria three years ago; didn’t she die in the last war on Gaza?” Abdallah said, “No Adham, she is still alive; don’t you see her before your eyes? That is Esraa Abulaish, who joined the summer camp and was with you in the song corner.”

Honestly, I didn’t believe Abdallah and I asked the girl to come so that I could see for myself that she was Esraa. Yes, she was Esraa, thank God! Sadly, I had thought that Esraa had been killed during the war, when Israeli missiles had targeted their house. I didn’t remember her name at the horrible time of the war. Now I realize the truth: that she is not the daughter of Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish. He is her uncle, and the four girls who were killed were her cousins, Besan: 20, Mayar: 15, Aya: 14 and Noor: 14 years old.

Esraa is 11 years old. She has a strong will and continues to live her life despite the massacre she witnessed during the War on Gaza. She is still the lovely girl I met in the summer camp.

I talked with her but didn’t mention my previous thought that she had been killed nor the tragic death of her cousins. I did not want to remind her of the horrific memories. She went back to the activity with a shiny smile and continued dancing with the group like a little angel.

I wish Esraa and the other Palestinian children happiness and peace in their lives. Kindly watch this report about the tragedy of Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish's family. He is a messenger of peace and serves in Palestinian and Israeli Hospitals. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and surely he deserves it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bliesvQbcw&feature=related .



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Writer Profile
Adham Khalil

Find more about me at my English blog http://nagyelali.blogspot.com/ or
my Arabic blog http://adhamkhalil.blogspot.com/
With my respect
Adham Khalil
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