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Time for Action Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by X, Turkmenistan Feb 25, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


Blue, I am a Human,
Green, There are rights I have on others,
Red, There are rights others have on me,
Green is the land, blue is for water,
Red, For what?
Though about it,
Pondered over it,
Spent hours in deliberation,
Rattled my brain,
Scoured through the pages of my memory,
I tried my best to concentrate,
To get into the state of oblivion,
To get a grasp,
I devoted to it,
I focused on it,
I studied it from various perspectives,
Resting my head on the table, I wondered,
Desperately trying to figure it out,
To know the unknown,
Unconsciously spent my time,
Oh it went by,
Never did it look behind,
Never did I falter,
Never, I repeat, never!
The more time I spent, waiting,
Waiting for action to be taken,
Planning for action, shall I take?
Shouldn’t? When or for what?
It sped forth at a speed,
Increasingly unmatchable,
I kept on waiting and the time never stopped,
It went on and on, never to come again,
No matter how much I wait or how much I think!
Well do I feel there are rights others have on me?
No matter I am a Human,
Or not …
There is one thing for sure,
red is for Blood, for Love and for Sacrifice,
Time to Act
Or not?
The time never paused to think for it!



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Muhammad Awais Aftab |
Excellent, a poem that knocks at the door of your heart!

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