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by Omole, Nigeria Apr 7, 2010
Technology   Opinions


An attempt to define value might be a difficult task because value itself is a very subjective concept. It varies from individual to individual and from one location to another. However a turn of events based on human doing and undoing has spur us to reorganize and re-orient our way of life in order to face the mountainous challenges that confront us. It is now very evident that individualism solves only little and that integration and synergy helps foster resources thus leading to better, quicker and longer lasting results. The European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are examples of such. Resources and tools are being developed daily to make this integration work out better. Little by little there is an evolving set of global values. Climate change is one issue that cannot be tackled singlehandedly by even the most technologically developed country. It is a global issue that requires a global attention to be subdued. Terrorism is also gradually becoming an art that threatens global peace and security and it also requires a synergy of countries to subside it.
There is no need for a society if individuals can exist functionally by themselves. An individual that has personal problems with his boss can now through online social networks get practical solutions from a friend at another end of the world on a social website. Personal problems can now in a matter of minutes become a communal problem and hence becomes easier to tackle when there is a congregation of positive thinkers. A community of shared common humanity is also evolving.
Collaboration has become a keyword in the 21st century. On the 16th of March 2009.the first youthful peaceful protest in Nigeria was organized and it was a huge success. Thousands of youth marched down to the national assembly with placards and other forms of insignia to request the removal of the electoral commissioner to allow for a peaceful free and fair election in 2011. The campaign led by one Gbenga Sesan was only publicized using social networks -twitter and face book. Many youth from all over Nigeria for the first time saw the need to fight for and protect their future. Others that were far away joined online by giving moral support. Many others wrote articles for publication in national dailies expressing the need for a change.
Through collaboration new trends have been evolving. New cable news channels Al Jazeera televise unbiased news about events going on around the world. When i saw a news report of how students in Asia organized a green event that involved them in planting trees and flowers around their communities i was inspired to form a group that will do something of that nature in my university. We have now set a new date for kick off. I am now also very passionate about mother earth and issues rocking her like climate change.
My country is a third world country with no proper refuse disposal system. Hence we are being plaque by non-bio degradable refuse that destroy our farmland and vegetation. This refuse usually consist of plastic disposable packs. I am currently working together with my colleagues in the department of chemical engineering to develop a recycling plant that converts paper waste into disposable packs since paper is bio degradable.
Local cultures are not being threatened by a global culture. Rather a healthy competition is going on whereby each local culture can measure up their own effort as regards to global challenges and measure it up against those of others in various places around the world. This has served as an eye opener for some dormant communities to wake up and participate. Global youth integration is a welcome development without any flaws at the moment. We only have to be careful in our approach and modus operandi to ensure we do not turn it into a weapon of war and abuse



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