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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
From the deep... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mary, United States Mar 27, 2010
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


From the deep... Picture, "War and Peace", by Jaffna Central College Students, Sri Lanka.

I was having the best
The very best I thought I deserved
I was suddenly proved wrong
When my life shattered

All around me was chaos
And confusion and commotion
Happiness disappeared from my life
Joy became a thing of the past

When I painfully watched my sister
And my father and my mother
And my brother, all being slayed
In a most dehumanizing way

I was forcefully disentangled
From everything that gave me joy
Milk disappeared
From the breakfast table
Then painfully
I watched potatoes
And eggs and tea
All vanish into thin air

My once united family
All scattered about
Like scraps of paper
Like chicks running around
Away from the haunting wild hawk

I desire to smile again
I long to see joy in my life
I crave for a total makeover
If someone will listen

All said and done
Right from inside the deep
Still, a still small voice cries out
Let there be peace



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Writer Profile

Mary Shorun is a Nigerian who was born in Kwara state. She is presently studying in Texas, USA. She is highly interested in Humanitarian services and volunteer work.

She is presently looking into working for Peace Organizations...

check out my blog - http://shorunmary.blogspot.com
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