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by DANIEL ONYI EBOH, Nigeria Mar 24, 2010
Culture , Media , Technology   Opinions


By Daniel Onyebuchi Eboh (Nigeria) 08036235739 ebonitefoundation@yahoo.com OR daniel_onyi@yahoo.com
Culture is the way of life of a people within a given region. Over the years, the world has and continues to witness some paradigm shift due to the influence brought about by values, social media and local culture on the global culture. I personally did some digging and here’s what I found out:
A. Local Culture vs Global Clture:Due to globalization, global culture has so eroded local culture that even citizens of my dear country (Nigeria) have so copied global culture in terms of dressing, communication skills and nutrition. No doubt, this has led to and continues to lead to local cultural degradation and lack of appreciation for ones local culture.

B. Global culture and values: Value system encapsulates those things we do out of respect (those things that are ethically right). In the past (prior to globalization), values were respected and local culture so cherished .At this moment, by any measure, things are getting uglier. Youths are so embedded in global culture (which sadly disregards values) and this has led to increased individualism and non-existence of a shared common humanity (which is the index of local culture and values).

C. Global Youth Culture And Social Media: Wide-spread interconnectivity (access to digital social media) has positively influenced/shaped the intellectual world view of youths in the sense that it has bridged the communication divide by linking youths (and adults too) to each other across the width and breath of the world, it has also increased the sense of the “global community”. However, let us at this moment not divorce the very hard cold truth that this same global culture has injected immorality (in dressing, attitude/behavior and language) into our local youths. Therefore, this has triggered our local youths to disregard their shared common humanity, demonstrate and or mock their very own local culture (which is bedrock of their individualism in their society)
Obviously, these are indeed tragic cases. We wait and we wonder if this emerging global youth culture can and or will refix our sense of identity and belonging (especially our values and local culture)?Your guess is as good as mine.
How much more evidence has to slap us in the face before we accept the truth of the matter that global culture, technology and the new media are some what polluting our local culture? We better act now.



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Writer Profile

Daniel Onyebuchi Eboh is a young environmentalist and owner of The Ebonite Foundation (an NGO with offices in Toronto,Canada and Abuja,Nigeria).For over 17 years now,he continues to pilot environmental affairs in his neighbourhood and beyond.
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