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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
From my Corner... to the World (Global Youth Culture Contest) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by berry R, United Arab Emirates Mar 22, 2010
Culture , Globalization , Technology , Global Citizenship   Poetry


My lines glow amongst ivory candles this night,
And of a global culture within the papers they write.
Words of poetry my friend I seek not to have hired,
Your eyes only read of a story that mere life has inspired.

From a small corner in the Emirates I sit back to type,
Yet does it matter where I am when with a click I can pipe.
Into a world of a virtual international city and football field,
Where you are a Manchester United fan and I one of Real Madrid.

Into your mental drawers and notes, through your webpage you let me peek,
To know what you think, post and so that unknown traditions become less of a mystique.
On Youtube we karaoke to Micheal Jackson’s “One More Chance”,
As I favorite the “most viewed” video where in your Adidas you break-dance.

We track our mutual friends on Facebook’s population,
Testing a theory of six degrees of separation.
and lol at the nostalgia in the page “You were a 90’s kid ,
if titanic and Pokemon were the biggest hit!”.

I click pictures of celebrities wearing a black and white Kufiya on your profile,
And I pity the days when a traditional symbol becomes a fashion compile.
When Harry Potter is children’s new Aladdin,
And MacDonald’s anytime over a ‘biryani’ national meal.

Is it a global culture or westernization sometimes I wonder?
So I start a debate with you all on my online folder.
People comment, agree, argue and ethically compete,
Others curse but that’s ok because we can report and probably delete!

“What is ‘biryani’ btw?” Your voice cuts the thread exclaiming on Skype,
And before I talk back, “No worries, I’ll google it!” You quickly say in a hype.
I worry not because I know you’ll read a great page about it on wikipedia,
Our global teacher, dictionary, resource page and arguably trusted media.

Even with many differences as unique as our passwords and usernames,
Technology offers a common background for linking cultures and opening frames.
When you could be from Spain, Colombia, Canada or far Indonesia,
And I hail from Egypt, Tanzania, Finland or even Micronesia.

How wonderful would it be for global and local cultures to fly side by side like Peter Pan,
I think it’s certainly possible, are we not a promising generation of “Yes, We Can!”.
Like a thousand and one nights, many words are yet to be told,
But reader of tonight, the rest, I’ll leave for my blog to unfold...



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berry R

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