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by Anthony Twumasi Ameyaw, Apr 1, 2002
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights , Globalization  


Enslavement is defined in the Long man Dictionary of Contemporary English as being a noun of the verb "enslaved" which means, " to make into a slave". In this same dictionary, money is stated as being wealth, pieces of metals made into coins. with the value printed on them. If money is such a symbol of greatness, will it therefore not be a suitable snare to entrap a gullible entity into such a calamity as enslavement?

The great ancient Roman philosopher and politician Marcus Tillius Cicero said," There is no fortress so strong that money cannot take." Surely then he means no matter what a man does, the bright glare of money can attract one and all? Most of us Africans would be shocked and chagrined to know that our beloved Mother Africa is tied hands and feet to the purse -string of evil usurers who have no intention of releasing their vice-like grip. Who might these usurers be? One of these malevolent entity is the faceless International MonetaryFund, with its faithful phalanx bureaucratic extorts of lending money at very high interest rate and attaching the arrangement of how to use the loans. As is the norm, the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) will give you advisers to help run your financial settlement. This will result in the I.M.F receiving at least 10% of the loans and the nation paying back over a hundred and twenty percent ofthe loan. They have dug their claws so deep into our economic veins that they have now become our life support-machine, that even with a small withdrawal, it fatally cripples us. No such device ever appeared as money to mankind. This is what sucks cities, which rout out from their homes and trains them to turn astray. Alsoof all the foul growths current in the world, the worst is money. Money drives men from their homes, plunders proud cities, and perverts honest mind to sinful practices such as armed robbery, prostitution, Godlessness and other crimes .To some people, for money you will sell your soul. Many men in Africa have been able to make their pursuit of power easier today by the art of mitigating the obstructive forces that comes from the higher regions of their humanity. With their cult of power and their idolatrous obsession of money, they have in a great measure reverted to primitive barbarism, barbarism whose apathy is lit up by the lurid lightof interest. It is impossible for a well- educated, intellectual brave man to make money a chief object of his thoughts as physically as it is for him to make his dinner the principal object of his thoughts. With the passage of time, money has eroded into our system and we have allowed the money-based industry by virtue of its business to imperceptibly grasp a political and economic influence so powerful that it has actually undermined the authority of the state and seized the power of democratic government. Though the church was originally the platform for advancement, unflinching in its moral stand, it has now become a grasping hand for money. We see in the concept of these new churches thus as earlier stated, money is a corrupting force to all that is good. Most of these modern-day preachers constantly hack on about money; they claim that the amount we give is even too small for God. In Mathew 22:21,it is said, " Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's". Yet did God not say that render one tenth of what we earn plus what we can offer? So do we really need these forms of collection like "kofi ne Ama" etc? And this is common in Africa. If this bastion of hope cannot withstand the full wrath of money, then what hope has Africa got? We should have been crumbled by now but by the grace of God we have survived. If the great Capitalist west has made us her whore, she has not completely succeeded in subjugating us to the sub-standard human level. By the grace of God most Africans have not completely grasped the fundamentals of money. If we are so ignorant my great friends, the great evil will have a tremendous time in convincing us in following after its hallow luster. So my fellow Africans both at home and in the Diaspora, be awake if asleep, be aware if unaware and let us prevent ourselves, our children and the entire African generation from getting into this unnecessary hypothetical situation of letting money take us captives.



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okay..... :)
onyinye | Jun 19th, 2002
hi, First i would like to say that you made valid points in your article. But i think that you fail to realise that capitalism is now the norm. Every country in the world is a slave to money. Asking Africans to close their eyes to this reality is asking Africa to remain backwards. The question really is how do we use capitalism to our advantage? This question reflects the new reality. Don't ask us to go back to the past. Simply, that is not fair! Thank you, onyi. ps: If you have some spare time, you can read Ngugi's Devil on a cross.

omar alshoubaki | Jul 26th, 2005
hello ...i need your help in some way so what is the best way to contact you :)plz try to reply for me as soon as possible ...take care and enjoy in life :)

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