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SinEssence Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Carita, Canada Jan 30, 2004
Citizen Journalism   Poetry


they’re selling protection for the one that’s in
this skin crawling under the weather withering
with the ozone leather or is it better a meta-for
pleather this thinning layer we are wearing through
earth air water fire willed like a debt to the sun
or daughter i just couldn’t in good conscience
bear with me it’s hard to tell the future/s well
we’ve all heard the lore envisioned before the wanting
stares lit up by the glare of infrared magazines and telescreens
numbing the census succumbing immense us once too wise
to sound bite-sized the right size to fit inside the box blares
from every living room not to grow but overshadow whispering
sighs and silencing beats rhythm that flows beneath our feet
on softwood floors constructed as yours from under which
they’re stealing our senses revealing the fences erected
undetected within this radiant fluorescence they’re selling



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Writer Profile

100% trans-national cuerpo-
ration finding he/r/elation-
ship between in/port and ex/
port, les portes ouvertes et
les autres portes...

TREE | May 3rd, 2004
may i know ur email id

this is really nice.
aclam | May 28th, 2004

poetry or prose
Akinbo, Adebunmi Adeola | Dec 4th, 2004
watery but a start.

Hindol Goswami | Mar 8th, 2005
excellent I have read all her poems and I would like to publish some of her in our magazine, if feel interest send me mail @ dheesociety@india.com

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