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TheJourney Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by prernac, Canada Jan 24, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


What is a night alone of restlessness?
Does the day seek to withhold itself
as it gently takes over the night?
When is the mind at rest?
Only when the soul and heart is?
Does it happen with purpose?
That the mind is denied rest
when the soul and heart are lost
within endless boundaries?
What is to say that when the soul is at rest,
the mind and heart will follow pursuit?
Do they not have their own passageways?
For the soul disembarks
in the rapture of the collectivity of souls.
The heart unites with those of others
in a place of downy ardour.
And the mind is elevated
to a place of peace and equanimity.
All sectionally sewn together
yet so eminently apart.
Is it not that then one is left to ponder and wonder
to why the three are bestowed so discretely?
That why one is left to dispatch the three their own ways?
Is that not too much of a liability
since the future of our three treasures
depends upon the carriage between one and heaven?

Arrival in bliss seems doubtful already…



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