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by Judith, United States Jan 23, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


It breaks your heart not to realize what has taken you ages to build on. For many years you have been toiling to leap something worthwhile yet received a handful. But you should not cry about this for tears won’t change the realities. It sure does make you want to give up on life and all there in…just to let go and live like a zombie. You look back at the amount you invested and feel wasted because the returns are nil.

You don’t have to regret because it is never too late. There is always a way out in every situation as long as you are determined. Not reaching your dreams means not the end of the road. It is normal to feel hopeless for not achieving your heart’s desires but many take too long looking at the closed doors, blaming themselves and even go to the extra worse mile in giving up. They feel that their life is meaningless and their future has already been proclaimed bleak, while other doors that open close.

All you need to do is have a strong heart…a heart that can withstand all the storms of life. Believe that you can make it no matter your present situation. “Thinking positively is the ultimate step towards success.” A philosopher quotes. Take the initiative by believing in yourself and you will need no effort in making others believe in you.

A string of frustrations do not have to bring you to a stalemate rather they should be a source of encouragement. You don’t have to brood over lost chances and past failures because failure is just an indication that you had so much faith, that you didn’t try hard enough or just the knowledge that you can be smarter than that.

Just reel back and continue fighting to the end, for that’s the only way to make up for the lost chance. Just take a step at a time but never let go for a lost chance is very hard to live with.

Above all back all your hopes in the Lord for He is the tower of our strength.

My dear friend, all is never lost...Never!!



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My thoughts put into your words
Hye-Jin Lee | Jan 25th, 2004
Just by chance I ended up reading what you have written, and I can't help but feel that you have written what I have not been able to express in my own words. I've gone through one of the most heartbreaking moments in the past two weeks, and reading what you have written has helped me stand up again on my own two feet. I just want to thank you, and perhaps we can keep in touch. Cheers, Hye Jin Lee.

I Like your write up!
Ebuenyi Ikenna D. | Jan 27th, 2004
You really hit the mark. I too believe that our dreams can only be realized when we wake up and go to work. Only fools sleep on hoping for miracles.

great but too optimistic
Gideon | Jun 18th, 2004
when the time comes for one to cry one had better cry. when there is no more one had better acknowledge it. to be positive is the word. bosire umeunganisha vyema but kuna situations zingine ambazo zahitaji to be taken by the horns. to be optimistic and to make an opportunity in a problem is good but may not be the best way, in some cases, i suppose. any way, they are just but comments for the sake of commenting. your article is marvelous in content as it is in mtiririko.

Lobiz | Sep 8th, 2004
Great inspiration, keep it up gal. Laban Maiyo

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