by Yara Kassem
Published on: Jan 22, 2004
Type: Poetry

It's winter time
And it's a bit Smokey
Visions and thoughts in my mind are getting mixed up
Except that shadow
Has never been changed or even blurred
It's always him, standing there
In the corner and watching me
I've seen so many eyes
Heard so many hearts
But no one could make my heart
Beat like he does
I'm just trapped in his invisible world
What can I do?
I'm just a prisoner in such an invisible hole
No one can see him but me
No one can hear him
No one
He doesn't exist to anyone else
But to me he's the master
He's that prince, that king
Maybe his time has vanished
And so did mine
I don't belong to this period
I belong to his empire
His world
I'm Shahrzad
His queen
Maybe I 'm here by mistake
My heart beats
My minds still remembers the period
Of knights and gladiators
Like a lion, a fighter
He always exists in my mind
But a non human war has betrayed him
And tortured me
Even maybe killed me
I'm a ghost, or maybe the lost parts
Of a human
Maybe he died, murdered by the hands
Of cowardice
But my heart beats for him
I wish I was dead too
I've seen some eyes along the way
But to him I've been talking all the way
I love him...I can never forget that
In that point where evil and good meets
We met, we loved
It doesn't matter how much similarities we have
Cz we only have one: Loneliness
I will never feel secure
Until the day I'll kiss his lips
It could be the kiss of life
Or maybe the kiss of death
I don't care

Two people,
From different worlds
But, there's that small and thin line
Connecting them
It's weird
Maybe it's but a fairytale
The beauty and the beast
But contradiction is the definition of love
Real love
I was walking in that crowded and Smokey
Streets of life
And I saw his eyes
Heard his voice,
And I was trapped in that deepest hole
I gave up everything
To drown in that ocean of illusions
I knew we met before
But in that time of ours
It was kinda impossible
But my heart is but a crazy horse
Can I ever control it???
No way
Whenever it beats for him
Can I ever refuse?
Whenever it's rejecting everybody else
Can I ever object?
It fell for the king
The emperor
In a time when all empires have fallen
All crowns were lost

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