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Illness Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by KRANSOME®, Cameroon Mar 26, 2002
Health   Poetry


When it gets you
You say why only me?
You lie there and no one gets sick with you
You languish with tears from pains from the needles
The Docs say it is okay, just some few more days
You sit up all night awake
Just to get up still ill
The day begins
Mother comes, Dad goes, Brother's cheering, Sister jeering
All 'cause you are that ill

Ooh how I like to be ill
You get along quite often with boiled eggs from your pals
Yogurt now and then from Sis
But ...
Ooh Doc
don't you see it is painful?
All those drips on my same hand?
You tell me you cannot see my veins
Have they dissappeared?
I hate to be sick but I like those eggs
What should I do?
Call for Mrs Anopheles?
Yes, When I need eggs
Painful eggs



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painful eggs?
Rosemary | May 25th, 2002
I dont really get the painful eggs part but the rest is soo true!!! I empathise with the first verse, its horrible to be ill and it always feels like your the only one. But you have to remember that there are always gonna be people that are ill at the same tome as you and there is always someone whos worse off!!! not much of a comforting thought, but i try...

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