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I Fear Nigeria Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by onyinye, Nigeria Jan 15, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


I fear my country Nigeria
It is a country where the youths of today
Who shall become the leaders of tomorrow?
Are being wasted
It is a country where the leaders and elders
Who are supposed to be role models for youths
Are only interested in looting the country
It is a country where moral decadents
Tastes sweet in the mouth of our leaders
It is a country where the ends justifies the means
It is a country where the youths
Have no role models
It is a country where political leaders
Deceive and rob the masses.
It is a country that is so much endowed
With human and natural resources
And yet
It is a country without a future.
Let the youths brace up and fight
For their survival and
That of Nigeria
Alas the time is now!!!



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wonderful poem
Kevin M | Jan 16th, 2004
Onyinye, your poem is great its says all about my country - Nigeria -it is a country where evil conspires with madness to waste us all. we really have to fight against it.

Challenging Poem
OLANIYI ABIODUN | Jan 16th, 2004
Onyinye, this is a wonderful work from you.It experience alot about the present suitation in Nigeria.

the time is indeed now
Laureene Reeves Ndagire | Jan 19th, 2004
am not nigerian,but i have read about nigeria and have met people from there. one of my classmates is nigerian and the way she talks about it,seems like there is no future and nothing can be done about it.She is basically resigned to that fate. but believe me something can be done,its time the youth in nigeria stood up and voiced their views,its time you were heard,reach out and use your voices and your youth,remember,you cant be a youth for ever,use the opporunity and the time is now,its never too late,speak out and be heard by the way onyinye,NICE POEM

Nice poeM
salau shakirah abiodun | Feb 25th, 2004
you indeed got the picture of nigeria and our leaders.keep it up!

lovely poem
olaoye olusoji Emmanuel | Apr 12th, 2004
I really commmend you 4 the poem,i will like you to keep it up good and more of that from you

That is true.we need brace up and fight .
ramoni nurudeen oladimeji | Jun 4th, 2004
The problems of children The solution at last !! Many children are unloved and unwanted. million live in poverty and die prematurely each year. will their needs be met ? ''It is sad that in our time we still have to be reminded that children have right'' In most of developing countries many of the children are not in primary school. many unwanted children languish in Orphanages and other institutions, denied education and adequate health care. These children are often physically abused. million of the children are engaged in some form of Hard labor and in absolute poverty and the million who have lost at least one parent in one way or the other.e:g Accident or Aids, etc. Satisfactory solution to these problems seem to elude political leaders. Yet children's problems are limited to developing Lands. in some nations many children suffer deprivation of another sort.

The time to act is now!
Ndukwe Ogba Onuoha | Jul 27th, 2004
Onyinye, your poem is a fact of the realism on ground in Nigeria. Yet we must create a new realism born out of a perfected idealism. We must dream and build. Let us join hands together...now! Nd. www.freewebs.com/nigerianalliance

kenny Tony Ayanbadejo | Aug 14th, 2004
Onyinye,all u said is the fact,And the time is now for us to stand up and fight for wat is our right.Look at our leaders,they are all executives robbers.At the end of the day they will be talking about fighting crime in naija of which they are the executive ones.People are suffering why dis big men go ahead and lavish money anyhow.They try to play wise on people by giving their embezelling programs names that sweetens the ears of the masses.Today u will hear about PRIVATISATIONand the next minute it is LIQUIDATION.Then the next month u hear of DEREGULATION.who knows wat the next term is going to be.Fellow country men,the time to act is now but the question is how do we start????....am out.

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