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A Trip of Realisation - II Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Tanmay N. Vora, India Mar 22, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


As we moved out of the orphanage, my mind was crossed by the invoking thoughts about the orphan little flowers. They were so innocent that they didn’t even realise the importance of a mother’s lap, or of a father’s love. These orphans had either fully or partially lost their support system, even before they realised the need for it. As we proceeded to the temple, I prayed for little Chirag, with whom I had a touching conversation.

Adjacent to this orphanage was an “Old-Age Home”, separated by a small wall. While walking around the orphanage, I was able to observe the old-aged inmates from across the wall. Some quiet ones were either sitting alone or reading newspapers and some talkative ones, like me, were busy discussing issues. But there was one common thing I observed on the wrinkled faces of all the inmates I saw – and that was the sadness of being alone. The situation of these old ones was diametric to that of orphans – unlike orphans, these people had lost their support system when they needed it the most!

As I see the old people around, I see a lot of commonalities between them and the small kids. Both need to be taken care of and looked after and pampered. The wrinkled faces of the old ones sometimes show a glimpse of the same innocence found on a child’s face. Old people need the warmth of their children as much as the kids need the warmth of their parents. The sad part is, that though these “Orphanages” and “Old-Age Homes” have all the facilities and amenities sufficient to live, there is a dearth of the most essential ingredient of life – and that is the warmth of touch and depth of emotions.

I think that every individual on this earth has once been a kid and every individual has to inevitably grow old. Hence, each one of us is socially responsible for taking care of the orphans, because they are the future, and the Old Ones because they have contributed to the present. The reasons behind old people opting for Old Age Homes may be many. From ego problems to inflexibility and family quarrels, but in the end, the fact is that they need respect and affection, just as the small orphans need belongingness and warmth.

I strongly feel that each one of us should contribute whatever we can, not only economically but emotionally, as well, to improvise upon the physical and mental condition of the old and to facilitate the growth of orphan kids for shaping their bright futures. What do you think?



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Writer Profile
Tanmay N. Vora

A software quality & management professional - passionate explorer of management/leadership subjects - chooses to look at brighter side of life - loves writing.

Supratim Modak | Jan 29th, 2007
That is the reality that our Generation needs to realise and work upon. In some recent past there were news of mishandeling of old dependent parents by their Childrens, in leading news channels of India. That incident really shook up the whole country. I hope our generation wakes up and answers the call in a right way

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