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Life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Reality, Nigeria Jan 7, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


Life is like a walk on a beach,
We leave different prints,
Prints that say who we are
Some so slight that we never notice,
Others so heavy we can't but notice,
So it is with all of life.
It makes the whole lot of difference,
Between those that just existed,
And those that lived life;
Our prints say better.



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Writer Profile

I come alive when I write and the feeling that those few lines may impact positively on a soul unknown to me or even elicit a smile makes it a worthwhile endeavour.

You Have A Nice Point
Chukwuka Adinnah | Jan 7th, 2004
All You Said in that short article is true. We just have to live a life, that has meaning, so that when we leave this earth, our names will live on. Chuks

purposefull life
Kenny Noah | Jan 26th, 2004
little will the world remember what we say, but our deeds will never be forgotten. u said it all, having a fullfilled day is not haw much u get but its how much u give. "making each day count"

Our life
Judith Bosire | Jan 27th, 2004
Quite elaborated. It is what we make it (Our prints) which are eroded with time. Thanks for the revelation

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