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A Taste of Pure Hell Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Zkits*, United States Jan 2, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Alone in the middle of the dark
Alone in the middle of the night
Afraid of my surroundings
Afraid of my own self

Darkness covers me
Darkness my dear only friend
Door don't open
Door don't let them come in

They hurt me
They always had
They will do it again
They will

It has happen before
It has been going on for a while
I didn't wanted it to happen
I didn't do anything. . . I swear

God please help me
Get me out of here
Get them away from me
God please let death come to me



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What's the point?
Douglas Tickner | Jan 9th, 2004
Hi Zoami, 'A Taste of Pure Hell' sounds awful, but you don't give the reader any clue as to what is causing the personal hell you describe. Is it real, or fictional? Does it come from other people, or perhaps from the subject's mind? Why is the subject alone? Who are "they"? Can you provide some hints?

The point is.....
Zoami C. Sosa | Jan 9th, 2004
The point here is whatever you want it to be.....see it as you want....am sorry if it sounds awful....but what can you expect from a 14-year-old?? People go through this kind of suffering....

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