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Coincidence Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ilea, United States Jan 2, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


If we sincerely live in light of the thought that there are no coincidences
Then we can truly learn from our experiences,
We can perhaps listen to what our hearts tell us a little more often.
Maybe God allows us to feel a certain way because He knows us so intimately,
He knows the depths of our hearts...
And there are times when if we actually listened to what we feel deep down inside
We would know what it is that we are supposed to do.
I wonder how many people go through life without ever acknowledging their hearts...
I mean deep down.
The Lord is deep, his feelings, his emotions and his thoughts...they are all deep.
We are made in His likeness. We are deep.
But it's scary; most people are scared of the deep.
I know I am. I'm scared to dig...or dive. It's dark.
There is the possibility of being hurt by whatever is found.
However we will hurt so much more if we are never willing.
Brave: not afraid; having courage.
We are not deep so that we can be afraid to face the depths of our own hearts.
He wants us to discover. Discover life. Discover love.
If love casts out all fear, and the Lord is love, and the Lord is in us and we in Him...
Then we truly have nothing worry about.
Dig deep. Dive in. Live.



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